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Jan 26th, 2015, 7:02pm

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 1   General Board / Never Recieved License Key  on: Jan 24th, 2015, 2:00pm
Started by Wizllyi Compiler | Post by Wizllyi Compiler
Hi Carl and support team,

I paid for the upgrade to Liberty Basic Pro as it has some nice tools and now i get the upgrade to LB 5 for free. Problem is I haven't received my license key yet and it's been more then the few minutes suggested in the initial email. I have checked my spam folder and to no avail. Could you please look into this? My SWREG order number is U6478666002. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.


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 2   Liberty BASIC Code / Re: Liberty basic application as a windows service  on: Jan 24th, 2015, 05:10am
Started by mmiscool | Post by Stefan Pendl
There is no need to take special measures to have a program run as scheduled task when there is no one logged on.

All my scheduled tasks run without any restriction whether the user is SYSTEM or not.

A LB program that doesn't use a GUI doesn't need interaction with the desktop.

All my scheduled tasks are doing maintenance on disk drives on servers, where usually no one is logged on.

The only need to have a scheduled task working is to have the computer switched on.

The location on disk is usually the %ProgramFiles(x86)% folder, since my servers are mainly 64-bit.
Log files go to %TMP%, since that folder is always writable.

The executing user depends on the access rights the program needs, mostly it is sufficient to run as local Administrator, you seldom need the SYSTEM user.

I would suggest to build your program and test things out, the more you ask the more you go in circles.

First test and if something doesn't work as expected, give a detailed description of your setup so we can help you resolving the issues.
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 3   Liberty BASIC Code / Re: Liberty basic application as a windows service  on: Jan 23rd, 2015, 8:23pm
Started by mmiscool | Post by Chris Iverson
You can still run it as a scheduled task. Just set it up to run under the SYSTEM account instead of a regular user. (The SYSTEM account is always active if Windows is running.)

Do not put the program in a normal directory, though, for security reasons. I would put it in its own directory, in the root of the drive, and set permissions for that entire directory to be SYSTEM only.
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 4   Liberty BASIC Code / Re: Liberty basic application as a windows service  on: Jan 23rd, 2015, 5:07pm
Started by mmiscool | Post by mmiscool
I need to have it run even when no user is logged in and without making the computer log in to do the task.

Really needs to run in the background. There will be no gui or any thing for it.
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 5   Game and Graphic Programming / Re: Courier font?  on: Jan 23rd, 2015, 11:03am
Started by tsh73 | Post by Stefan Pendl
I think the problem is the matching of the fonts name.
Depending on the order the fonts are returned by the system call the wrong font will be used.

I don't think that the system call returns the font list in a sorted order, so courier new could be first and if the font name must not match exactly, it will be used.

If LB would first create a list by collecting partial matches and then look for an exact match in that list, the problem would be solved.
The fall-back would be to use the first item of the collected list, if no exact match is found.
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 6   Liberty BASIC Code / Re: Sorting with imbedded capital letters  on: Jan 22nd, 2015, 12:22pm
Started by Cor | Post by Cor
Thanks for thinking along with me. I will try the Qsort. Looks promising.
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 7   Game and Graphic Programming / Re: Courier font?  on: Jan 22nd, 2015, 11:48am
Started by tsh73 | Post by tenochtitlanuk
I get the same as you on LB$ when running XP.

Interestingly my Ubuntu/Wine/LB uses the SAME size for the Courier lines ( it only has one size called Courier 10 pitch), but correctly sizes the Courier_New.
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 8   Game and Graphic Programming / Courier font?  on: Jan 22nd, 2015, 06:41am
Started by tsh73 | Post by tsh73
Recently I was reminded that Courier and Courier New is two different fonts. At least, under XP.
So Courier is bitmap font - with fixed sizes - 10, 12 and 15 (could bee seen in LB Setup/Editor font for example), while Courier_new is truetype font (well, it says OpenType), vector, freely scalable.

Now, it looks that LB uses Courier New regardless of what I said. (for comparison, other language shows the difference).

Difference is in some glyphs (you as well might not have them, it's Cyrillic), character size (only 3 for Courier) and line spacing.

User Image

Please run a program on your Windows and say - is it a bug in LB or just my setup?
'problem is, it looks like JB/LB uses "courier_new" even if explicitely said "courier"
'Other language does that told, so "courier_new" and "courier" - two different fonts
open "test" for graphics_nsb_nf as #gr
#gr "down"
#gr "trapclose [quit]"
#gr "home; posxy xc yc"

data 192,224,193,225,194,226,212,244,0

read a
while a>0
    read a

#gr "place 10 20"

#gr "font courier 15"
#gr "\font courier 15"
#gr "\"; a$
#gr "\1"
#gr "\2"
#gr "\3"
#gr "\4"

#gr "place 100 60"
for i = 10 to 15
#gr "font courier ";i
#gr "\font courier ";i

#gr "place 10 180"
#gr "font courier_new 15"
#gr "\font courier_new 15"
#gr "\"; a$
#gr "\1"
#gr "\2"
#gr "\3"
#gr "\4"

#gr "place 100 220"
for i = 10 to 15
#gr "font courier_new ";i
#gr "\font courier_new ";i

for i = 0 to 2*yc step 20
    #gr "line ";0;" ";i;" ";2*xc;" ";i

#gr "flush"

close #gr

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 9   Liberty BASIC Code / Re: bas and tkn files open mainwin diff't size  on: Jan 22nd, 2015, 03:43am
Started by tenochtitlanuk | Post by tenochtitlanuk
Thanks for that comment Stefan- exactly what I hoped for. I'll pass it on to the enquirer.
Not having distributed in token form myself I had not met the situation before.
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 10   Novice / Re: About combobox....  on: Jan 22nd, 2015, 03:25am
Started by fox | Post by fox
Thanks, Stefan and Jim.
I will try stylebits (before I have to study the correct use of it).
Now i'm using Windows 7 Professional 64 bit Service Pack 1.
Thanks again and bye
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