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Forum Rules and Guidelines
Post by Alyce Watson on Jan 16th, 2005, 09:07am

This is a forum owned and run by the community of Liberty BASIC users, along with Carl Gundel. Liberty BASIC is a programming language created by Carl Gundel of Shoptalk Systems in 1992.

Liberty BASIC by Shoptalk Systems can be found here:

The official support group for Liberty BASIC can be found here:

Forum rules:

We cannot control the behavior or thoughts of others. We CAN treat others with consideration, respect, and a helpful, kind spirit.

Who runs this forum?
All of the administrators and moderators are programmers who use Liberty BASIC.

Alyce Watson and Carl Gundel, co-owners.

Re: Forum Rules and Guidelines
Post by Admin on Mar 14th, 2015, 09:39am

Updated March 14, 2015.
Re: Forum Rules and Guidelines
Post by Alyce Watson on Jan 10th, 2016, 06:53am

Updated January 10, 2016 to make two changes.

Registry Code may now be discussed on the API board. Recent versions of Windows include more safeguards to protect the registry from corruption, so we make this change. Please do not post harmful code. Such code will be removed without warning.

Yesterday one of our members asked if this was the proper place to discuss Run BASIC, and we directed that person to the dedicated Run BASIC board.

Our long-standing policy has been to redirect discussion of alternate implementations of Liberty BASIC to their own forums, but we had not documented this in our rules. Each implementation has its own, unique features, which could easily lead to confusion if they were all discussed on the same forum.