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Jan 22nd, 2018, 12:08pm

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xx Applications network communication function NEW LB
« Thread started on: May 1st, 2017, 08:19am »

Hi there ,

i have a question to Mr. Carl Gundel about the new version.

Hello ,

if there is a new version of LB i suggest the function
to implement a function that allows communication
between LB applications over the network.
example. file update
example. window to window sending update etc.

networking is really complex.

all the protocolls are so many and to many to handle.

The trick :

If the communcation between LB applications are real ,
that can knock out other programming languages
because the development with LB is easier and faster.

ONE LB communication protocol is the key.
With direct Port Access.
Nothing more , only this.

I mean direct port to port communication.
The key to do this is to program a application for
There are also many books about WINSOCK Network programming available.

To speak for myself , i am currently not able to do that
because i am not involved in winsock network programming for windows.

Thus , this tread is a question to a LB programmer who HAS experience in winsock programming.
This guy know's that it is possible.

What do you think about that idea ?

Here is the link to microsoft direct documentation of Winsock network programming.
They do it in C++ and their must be the proper linkers.

Goal is to make that with a API call from LB , or to start it as a .exe external program.

However , to make it as easy as possible to use in LB programming code.

As everyone know from the Microsoft description Network Socket Programming is NO FUN programming.
Even another language what name ever it called is NOT better than anothers.

IF a programmer has FUN with this C++ socket programming then it is a EASY JOB for him to make a
"breakdown" of the protocolls to a .exe or API call .dll
that allows FUN programming in another language.

I suppose it's a fulltime programming job to concentrate
only on networking.
No make others like etc.

A networker.

Not me , i am a application programmer.

Do you find my viewpoint reasonable ?

Best Regards

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xx Re: Applications network communication function NE
« Reply #1 on: Oct 14th, 2017, 02:39am »

This is already possible.

There are many examples in this board.

Winsock is quite complicated but there
is a simple MESOCK solution with a DLL
and 5-6 functions.

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