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Save to SD Card?
Post by cocos on Sep 5th, 2017, 2:05pm


I am quite a novice in programming but I wonder if I can use liberty basic for my project:

The program shall (besides some other simpler stuff) write data to an SD Card.
It shall be written to the SD Card after pressing a button (don't want to use a file-explorer dialog to keep it simple for the user).
There shall be an error message in case no SD Card has been inserted.
I have checked the LB-documentation but I am still unsure wether this can be done with liberty basic. If yes, I would appreciate some sample code.

Re: Save to SD Card?
Post by Stefan Pendl on Sep 5th, 2017, 4:05pm

An SD-Card is just another drive similar to a regular hard-disk, so there is no special code needed.
Re: Save to SD Card?
Post by Rod on Sep 6th, 2017, 03:31am

Here are two of the example files combined to do the job of finding your SD card. You would have a named file on the card. In this case "test.txt". The code finds all the drives that exist on the PC then search each in turn for the named file.

    'a simple example illustrating the use of the Drives$ variable

    dim letters$(25)
    index = 0
    while word$(Drives$, index + 1) <> ""
        letters$(index) = word$(Drives$, index + 1)
        index = index + 1

    'fileExists.bas - Show how to determine if a file exists
    dim info$(10,10)
    for i = 0 to numberOfDrives
        if fileExists(fpath$) then
            print fpath$; " exists!"
            print fpath$; " doesn't exist!"
        end if

'return a true if the file in fullPath$ exists, else return false
function fileExists(fullPath$)
    files pathOnly$(fullPath$), filenameOnly$(fullPath$), info$()
    fileExists = val(info$(0, 0)) > 0
end function

'return just the directory path from a full file path
function pathOnly$(fullPath$)
    pathOnly$ = fullPath$
    while right$(pathOnly$, 1) <> "\" and pathOnly$ <> ""
        pathOnly$ = left$(pathOnly$, len(pathOnly$)-1)
end function

'return just the filename from a full file path
function filenameOnly$(fullPath$)
    pathLength = len(pathOnly$(fullPath$))
    filenameOnly$ = right$(fullPath$, len(fullPath$)-pathLength)
end function