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Jan 22nd, 2018, 6:02pm

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 sticky  Author  Topic: [RC]: tasks not implemented in LB but in RB  (Read 944 times)

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xx [RC]: tasks not implemented in LB but in RB
« Thread started on: Jun 30th, 2012, 06:11am »

I was browsing non-implemented tasks - selected one - then found it already done in RB,
So I tried another task - oops, same thing.
So I went in Excel (actually OOO Calc) to create a list of RB tasks not implemented in LB
Of cource it will change, and I might as well mishandle a line or two - but here's the list.
Now. Some of these solutions works in LB without modifications.
Like, for example, One of n lines in a file (you likely have to re-read description to relate code to task name - well, I had to).
I think there was a way to add "also work with Liberty Basic" to existing code. But will it count as solved task?
For example
Hello world/Text for BASIC has several lines "Works with: some_version_of_BASIC", but this task is not marked as solved in that some_version_of_BASIC.
(I checked lines
Works with: Locomotive Basic
Works with: ZX Spectrum Basic)
1	Active Directory/Connect
2	Active Directory/Search for a user
3	Anagrams/Deranged anagrams
4	Arbitrary-precision integers (included)
5	Best shuffle
6	Binary digits
7	Binary search
8	Calendar
9	Count in factors
10	Count the coins
11	Deal cards for FreeCell
12	Dinesman's multiple-dwelling problem
13	Empty directory
14	Even or odd
15	File modification time
16	Find the missing permutation
17	Five weekends
18	Fork
19	GUI/Maximum window dimensions
20	Happy numbers
21	Hello world/Line printer
22	Hello world/Standard error
23	Here document
24	Higher-order functions
25	HTTPS/Client-authenticated
26	Identity matrix
27	Include a file
28	Knapsack problem/Continuous
29	List comprehensions
30	Longest string challenge
31	Menu
32	Metaprogramming
33	Miller-Rabin primality test
34	Multisplit
35	Odd word problem
36	One of n lines in a file
37	Parsing/RPN calculator algorithm
38	Price fraction
39	Priority queue
40	Regular expressions
41	Remote agent/Simulation
42	Simple database
43	Singly-linked list/Element definition
44	Sort disjoint sublist
45	Sorting algorithms/Shell sort
46	Soundex
47	Stack
48	Table creation/Postal addresses
49	Terminal control/Inverse video
50	Text processing/Max licenses in use
51	Verify distribution uniformity/Naive
52	Word wrap
53	Write float arrays to a text file
54	Yahoo! search interface
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