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Jan 20th, 2018, 10:59am

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 thread  Author  Topic: Gosub within a Gosub example  (Read 621 times)
xx Gosub within a Gosub example
« Thread started on: Apr 14th, 2015, 11:06am »

Gosub [SUB1]
for x =1 to 10
if x=5 then Gosub [SUB2]
next x
print " this should print last "
for y=1 to 1000
next y
print " this should print first "

'Apparently GOTO cannot be used to exit the routine.
'But I have seen it used like this: ( clear previous program)

Gosub [SUB1]

a= int(rnd(1)*2) +1 ' pick a random number between 1 & 2
if a=1 then goto [SUB1] ' move up to [SUB1] because a=1

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xx Re: Gosub within a Gosub example
« Reply #1 on: Apr 15th, 2015, 11:24am »

That's right. Any time you use GOSUB, it must have a RETURN statement at the end of the subroutine, and it must be executed.

This is the way BASIC and other programming languages work when it comes to GOSUB. Always RETURN.

You can have more than one RETURN statement (for example in the middle of a subroutine an IF THEN statement might cause a RETURN.

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