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Jan 20th, 2018, 11:02am

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xx encryption_snippet
« Thread started on: Apr 7th, 2017, 09:58am »

'this takes a sentence that you write, turns each letter into its asci 'number,
'does operations on it, so that if someone were to open the file
'in notepad, they would be unable to read it, even if they knew the
'asci number
'the files can then be protected with a password, within the program
'and then they are secure
'the program can retrieve the data, and turn it back into whatever
'you were meaning to store
dim array$(1000)
open "encryptfil" for output as #encrypt
input "Please enter a sentence>"; sentence$
if sentence$ = "" then [retry]
for i = 1 to len(sentence$)
var$ = right$(sentence$, i)
firstletter = asc(var$)
firstletter = (((firstletter * 5) - 5) + 3)
print #encrypt, firstletter
next i
close #encrypt
input "Would you like to see what was output to the file? (type 'yes'): "; inputvar$

if inputvar$ = "yes" then [seewhat]

open "encryptfil" for input as #encrypt
n = n + 1
if eof(#encrypt) = -1 then [print]
input #encrypt, number
print number
num = (((number - 3) + 5) / 5)
print num
line$ = chr$(num)
array$(n) = line$
goto [loop]

input "Would you like to see what the data turned back into what you wrote? (type 'yes'): "; inputvar$
wordy$ = wordy$ + array$(n)
n = n - 1
if array$(n) = "" then [end]
goto [printloop]
print wordy$
close #encrypt

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