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Jan 22nd, 2018, 12:05pm

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xx New to Liberty Basic, Impressed !!
« Thread started on: Apr 7th, 2010, 11:06am »

I must say I really like this program !!

Back in "the day" (early 80's), I fiddled around with various forms of Basic, but never did anything particularly creative .. mainly because - for me - basic was not GUI-based, and I kept switching between Sinclair, Atari, Commodore, etc, each with thier own peculiarities and machine-specific codes.

Back then, not even 'Help' was all that helpful, and I had to find several books with example code to gain even a glimmer of understanding as to how things were supposed to work.

This year (2010), I stumbled upon JustBasic and Liberty Basic. Naturally, I downoaded the JB first bcause I liked the price (who doesn't like FREE?), but after I read through some of the posts on the forums for both programs, I went ahead and purchased LB4.03.

What impresses me most about LB4 is the availability of support, both in the HTML-based help system and the user forum. Between these two items, I have found answers to nearly everything I have wanted to know.

Of course, I am still quite inexperienced in the use of subs, functions, hardware calls, and the like, and I still have not outgrown the use of tons of "if/then" statements and general "spagetti code", but I expect that as I use Liberty Basic more, I will soon be including a greater level of the more advanced features incorporated in the editor itself, and in the double-edged Help structure in place for newbies such as myself.

Thanks for a great program and an exceptional support system !!
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