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Jan 22nd, 2018, 12:01pm

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xx a wardering throu basic's
« Thread started on: Aug 6th, 2010, 07:48am »

i have been programing since 1984
in that time i visited the MTS
[ Midle Techik Scool ]
in that time pc did not exist on scool
and computers had only 2 'colors'
graphics had to be made in special characters
floppy's had 360kb and costed 15euro / 10pices

i got no lessons

the language was a basic

later i started on the c64 of my brother
i got my first computer in 1988
it was a c128 [ 16 colors + 1Mhz ]
in that time my focus was already on graphics
my brother and i worked togerter on programs
in which my speciality was al the sub routines
later [ +- 1992 ] i traded my c128
for a amiga500
later expanded to a amiga1000
this computer had a HAM screen
[ Hold And Modify ]
this had 4069 colors and 4Mhz
AND : you can easely read / write a tv signal
but you can only change 1 primary color
from pixel to pixel
i later byed a harddics whit this
it was 50Mb (!)
frame grabing animation was now posible
later i switched to my first pc a 486
then i used quick basic 4.5
the graphics where not so good as the amiga (!)
then i got my 2e pc
this had a cdrom
so now i can switch to visual basic 5 [ later 6 ]
some were in that time my bother lost intrest in programming
and now i have my laptop [ +-2006 ]
this was nesary because i become a member
of the hcc-ai-ig and hcc-basic-ig
the hcc is a verry large club of computer-amateurs
whit different regional and intrest parts in the netherlands
it has +-200,000 mebers
once a year this club organises a large 3 day period
in the center of the netherlands
where almost al hcc-parts and
some computer-buisneses are present [ dutch only !! ]
so i can take my pc whit me
and show what i had made
since 2008 i started whit c++
and joined the hcc-c-ig
whit until now not mutch result
[ only some DOS stuf and simple graphics ]
and i m a meber of the board of the hcc-basic-ig
during that time i also started whit liberty / just and vb2008
in vb2008 i only have made a 3Dengine
that works whit polygons and matrixmath
[ so no directx3d ]
lately i font qtc++ on internet
that is better than c++ because
windows programming
in qt is more automated
i wil stay working in liberty / just / vb5 / vb2008 to
i need qtc++ because i m planing to write
a raytacer in qtc++
[ is posible in basic but takes to mutch time to make a bmp ]
i need that for realy nice animations

al this time i was learing myself to program
i have red some books about that
and since +-2006 have i internet
the only problem i m facing is that not al
sites can be enlarged whit crtl +
and i cant read books whitout a eye-aid
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basic's : C64 Simons C128 Amiga Amos quick4.5 Visual5 Visual6 Visual2005 Visual2008 just and last but not least liberty
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