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Jan 22nd, 2018, 12:00pm

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xx Meat and Roulette
« Thread started on: Jan 9th, 2011, 3:10pm »

I have two programs currently for sale that were written in LB. I wrote both of them while I was working part time for a company here in Cambodia that gave me LB basic to use to write a bespoke program for them. Had never used it before but BASIC was my language of choice back in the day so I found it quite easy to use.

My work finished at the end of last year so I decided to go back to my old profession (that I retired from some 10 years ago to travel the world) and knock out some programs to sell. Mainly because being retired really means drinking a lot of beer, so programming keeps me away from the pub, sometimes.

I recently purchased my own copy of LB spent some cash on a server (the two programs I had written part time were already up for sale) and set about writing some more programs. None have been put up for sale yet because I keep tinkering with them and when I get stuck resorting to trying to work out suggested API calls from other forum members to write something as I want. wink

The two I wrote previously, essentially were to get back to grips with modern day programming.

Bear in mind that I come from a DOS background when BASIC was seen as a pansy language and if you couldn't write in Fortran, Forth, Cobol or Assembly then "huh. Call yourself a programmer?"

One is Roulette Statistics and Prediction. I and a few pals of mine love a bit of a gamble you know but the program doesn't pretend to make you win at the casino. It just provides statistics about bets etc.

Total free downloads about 2500, Total upgrade sales, about 12. Statistically about 1 sale in 208 downloads!

roulette statistics

The first program I ever wrote commercially was in 1984 for butchers. This was at a time when there were butchers in England and electricity was freely available! It was a DOS program which never got converted to Windows, so I decided to re-write it.


I am enjoying the frustration of programming again, staying up all night looking for that bug, moaning to myself about M'soft, etc. Takes me back to my yuppie youth.

Oh back in the day programs sold for loads of money and no one could download anything for free because the internet didn't exist 'til Al Gore invented it.

I have a couple more programs coming on line hopefully soon. Nothing too exciting but I'll tell when they are available.

I'm off to the pub!
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