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Liberty Basic is the easiest Basic around
Post by michael on Mar 5th, 2016, 9:35pm

The Liberty Basic community is perhaps the greatest most friendly support group in the world.

I would say it is the greatest.

For those wanting to make data bases or a custom application for their needs, Liberty Basic is the easiest platform around to accomplish that.

This is one thing that anyone that uses it should consider and just because of that fact, should support it.

It also has the ability to interface with DLLs that an advanced programmer can custom design.

My hopes is that these 2 things be added for the
BASIC novice users:

1) The INCLUDE command for removing complexity and making tools modular.
2) Making the core graphics not require a blitter (double buffering)

APIs and DLLs effectively achieve this, but for the average novice programmer APIs may be difficult, or provide too much complexity and effort.

I was told that making things native is exceedingly difficult to do, but from what I have been told, Windows 10 is the last Windows and that it is planned to have improvements added and the backwards compatibility will remain in the foreseeable future.

So making the core graphics have blitter free support is worthwhile and INCLUDE is a must.

If this is done, Liberty Basic would be THE ultimate everything for the novice programmer. And also would be EVERYTHING for the advanced programmer as well.

Regards, Michael Gallup