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DataGridView Control
Post by metro on Jul 12th, 2017, 04:18am

I have been searching for a simple grid control and came across this
Re: Grid Control?
Post by willieej2002 on 08/16/2003 at 20:21:55

I thought carl was going to include that in LB4. I saw a button in FreeForm3.03 that was REMed. It says it is not ready yet.

I have however seen it mentioned in Newsletter 99. Not sure. I am pretty sure someone will correct me if I am wrong.

Thanks smiley Re: Grid Control?
Post by JohnDavidson on 08/16/2003 at 23:10:36

Hey Willie,
Yes, that button was for a grid.

Not exactly a grid but a method to create a group of controls in a grid layout.
All controls in the grid would have been created at the same time and moving one would have moved all.

This idea died due to lack of interest but if you would like to see the code in action check out Grid Wiget at

John Davidson

I wondered if there is any interest in providing some sort of editable control (like a listview but editable) in Libertybasic Pro or do we wait for version 5

thanks in advance